Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica

Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica

The Santa Rosa National Park of Costa Rica was created in 1971 to commemorate and preserve a historical site where was conducted the Battle of Santa Rosa (March 20, 1856) including the historic mansion and the pens of stone walls. Moreover, it serves to protect the savanna, a dry tropical forest, grasslands, mangroves and abundant wildlife, including some endangered species that live in Costa Rica. It also has some very beautiful beaches. It has an area of 49,515 hectares and is located 260 kilometers from San Jose in the province of Guanacaste. Read More About Santa Rosa National Park Here

Much has changed since then; now the Santa Rosa National Park protects fragments of tropical dry forest, becoming home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna, such as coyotes, coatimundis, tapirs and many kinds of turtles, both marine and terrestrial.

It is possible to find coastal plains and savannas on either side of the road through the park. These lands are not a natural occurrence, but rather is the result of controlled burning techniques used by farmers on their farms. Now there is a new addition to the park, the section called Murcielago located in the south-east in the town of Cuajiniquil in the peninsula of Santa Elena. It mostly consists of extraordinary rocky peaks, where are carried out extraordinary efforts in conservation and reforestation made by Costa Rica.

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